Monday, 24 August 2015


We've moved on to stay with another set of friends in Seattle. John aka Puget Pounder, for we all had nicknames, was a fellow thru' hiker from the Appalachian Trail of 1997 and I met his wife Julie when she came to visit him.  So we go back a long way.  There's a lot of catching up to do. We haven't seen each other for four and a half years since our last Yellowstone trip. Today's adventure was far more sedate.  Julie has to work and John took us back to the locks that we passed through in the boat yesterday on our way to Lake Union. This time we headed underneath

It's about fifteen years since I visited the salmon ladder, the path through the locks that these magnificent fish take for their final journey back to lay eggs at the exact place that they were spawned. Then I saw not a sausage...or a salmon to be exact.  It was just that little bit late in the season and they'd all passed by.

This time though we were lucky.  The Brits think that there are three types of salmon, fresh, smoked and tinned!  There's actually loads of different varieties.  These are Chinook which apparently make fine eating, until that is they've gone too far up a freshwater river.  Then their flesh starts to degrade and turn red.  Being America you could buy a cuddly version of the fish in that state in the gift shop. I have to say that these didn't seem to be a bestseller.

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