Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Curry Free Zone!

I'm choosing some new bits and pieces for our new home, for instance, new lighting and beds and the IKEA stash to kit out Louis' room.   The visits to Asda at Paignton to pick up George homeware from the friendly Click and Collect staff have become a regular routine. There's some brilliant designs at rather reasonable prices.  Just what I like!  I'll get round to showing some of my finds off when I've done a bit of decorating.

Here's the favourite thing I've bought by far, unfortunately not at a bargain supermarket price.   Rugs were needed downstairs as it's too echoey living in a house with a bare wooden floor.  It's the poshest rag rug that I've ever come across and was designed by Sarah Campbell for Habitat's 50th anniversary.  There's even a video about it!  It retailed for £450 originally but mine was an Ebay purchase that was just a shade below £280, twenty pounds under what I'd budgeted.  I was really excited when it arrived yesterday.  It's something that I plan to treasure for years.

Here's a shot of it in situ under my retro Ercol dining suite.  They look like they were made to go together.  Sadly, it might not stay there for very long.  I'm rather nervous that something like a curry spillage might ruin my heirloom piece so its going to be moved into the living room when a floor covering that's more robust takes my fancy.  In the meantime I'll just have to go easy on the super staining turmeric!


  1. That's a great rug, well done for getting it under budget.

  2. That is just gorgeous my friend!

  3. Glad you both like it. I'm thrilled! x

  4. My late mother in law used to make rag rugs, but they weren't like that! Nice!

  5. I wouldn't have a rug under a dining table, it is just asking for trouble.