Friday, 25 September 2015

A Rabbit on the Radio

Pah! The embedded link to the page on  the BBC website that I wanted to share doesn't work so instead I've chosen this rather bizarre picture from Pixabay, the wonderful free resource that was my saviour when Microsoft withdrew Clipart and killed off all those dinky screen beans in one fell swoop.

Anyway I really wanted to draw attention to 'Bunny', Mark Haddon's  excellent entry into the BBC National Short Story Award.  It was broadcast on Tuesday and serves as a fine illustration of why I am so fond of Radio 4.  For the next few weeks you can listen to it on the BBC i-player or download it to save for laters.  Please take the time.  You know it's worth it!  I was stunned by its medical accuracy as well as being very moved.  Let's hope it's the winner!


  1. We can't receive i-Player here; very annoying. I tend to listen to Radio 4 Extra, which I enjoy very much.

    1. You might be able to download these plays as podcasts. They are totally worth it. I think that if/when I live aboard I'd miss the BBC.