Monday, 21 September 2015

A Sucker With A Smile

I like to give stuff away when I no longer need it rather than sell it on. Loads of stuff goes to the charity shops and larger items are freecycled. Friends are often recipients of my unwanted clobber as well. About eleven years ago I bought a cardigan that was much admired by Barbie Nurse so since I tired of it four years ago she's been wearing it. Now that I no longer have grass, my lawnmower and strimmer was donated to Little Wren as a welcome to her new home present.

But now some of the good karma from gifting has returned to me. Yippee! Red Mel had no room for Hetty in her bijou Bristol flat so I've adopted her. And I delighted.  My last two vacuum cleaners have been woefully inadequate in sucking up terms. Hetty does the trick though.  Her suction power is the biz` Not only is she highly efficient I love the way that she smiles at me around the door frame as I'm working.


  1. That mirrors my own philosophy. Our old Wii which is no longer used by our son went off to a new home via freecycle yesterday.


  2. We've had a red Henry for years, which looks very much like your Hetty. Great vacuum when you have two moulting dogs !

    1. No dogs - just a mucky twelve year old. Hetty seems to be cutting the mustard for him as well.

  3. Like you I prefer to give things away. It's a case of 'passing it on' as in the past there were many times when I was so grateful for what we were given.