Sunday, 20 September 2015

All 120!

I'm late posting today again.  Post jet lag my body clock is all out of sync.  Instead of my usual early bird waking time of between 5 and 6, I'm stirring at around 7:30am.  It doesn't bode well for getting Lou out of the house on time to catch the bus to school tomorrow.  I will need a big ring-ey alarm tomorrow.

Anyway we were still out of the house at the crack of dawn and headed to Bristol where we multi-tasked.  I became  very grumpy indeed in Ikea.  Remind me never to go there again on a Sunday.   I thought an hour and a half would be plenty to dash round in a leisurely strolly kind of way and then meet Red Mel for meatballs in the 'canteen' there.  Everything conspired against us accomplishing our mission in the time allowed. Our experience included two trips through those heaving checkouts and a visit to another building five minutes down the road to collect one item. Madness!  On the plus side we managed to fit three bookcases, a desk and office chair, two floor lamps, a kitchen stool and bits  and bobs in my tardis of a small side.   Salty Dog has new curtains as well. She'd put in an order.  I had doubts that it was going to fit but the trusty Citigo came up trumps.

The main aim of our day was to bagsie the last few Shaun the Sheep that we hadn't  managed to find on two exhausting days running  around Bristol. Time conspired against so we got tickets for the Great Sheep Round Up at Cribbs Causeway for our final sheep spotting spree of the year. Here's Lou with Buttercup, one of the eight we logged to complete the trail!


  1. I've only once visited an Ikea store, and that was in Toulouse. I think the meatballs was the best bit.

    1. The one at Brest is our usual haunt. That's a far more pleasant experience. But maybe because we usually go on a weekday!

  2. I have never been to an Ikea store.

  3. Belated comment but congrats on visiting all the Shauns!