Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Being with Beehive!

Wow! What an amazing six days in my favourite place in the world. Louis says that it comes second after home. Apparently its Dad's house that comes first at the moment. Apparently mine will not pass muster until all those boxes are unpacked. Something to aim for when I get back to Brixham then.

Awe is the word that sums up our feelings about the world's first National Park.  We can't imagine how it must have been for those intrepid explorers who first came across this place that holds so much natural wonder.

Our wolf count was zero.  They seemed to be always five minutes ahead.  I didn't see a bear either.  Louis spotted one from the car but I was unable to stop to bag that one myself.  But no matter.  We've eyeballed elk, bison and a lone pronghorn antelope baby that just has to rate among the cutest thing that we've ever seen. Louis pointed out a pica sitting in a hole near Old Faithful. They're like a little rabbit with round ears if you're not familiar with them.

From our window in the Old Faithful Inn, our historic home for two days we could see the cone of my favourite geyser Beehive.  It's more impressive than Old Faithful when it goes off but less predictable. There's a nifty clue that let's you know when it's just about to erupt though.

We were staring out of the window of the other morning taking in the view.  'There's Beehive'.  I pointed out to Lou.  'And there's its indicator going off!' replied Master Sharp Eyes.  He'd spotted the tell tale sign.  A smaller spout to the right of the geyser lets you know when it is about to go.  Lou dressed with haste.  That sweatshirt is too big because it's mine.  We ran and got there in time to hear the roar of the water coming from deep underground and then the eruption with thousands of gallons of water shooting into the sky.  Forget those big meat eaters. They can wait for another trip.  We're already trying to work out how to save the pennies to return.  Call me a geeky geyser gazer but this is the one that I really wanted to share with my son!


  1. This really is the holiday of a lifetime, isn't it? Something you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

  2. It looks amazing and all the better for sharing it with Louis. He will treasure the experiences in years to come.

  3. It's so special that you are able to take this trip while L is happy to go with you. Neither of you will ever forget it! JanF

  4. Wonderful. Louis is just the right age to enjoy it with you.

  5. Living in the US and I've not been there yet! Wonderful trip for you two and thank you for the tip.

  6. Thank you all for kind messages. x