Monday, 28 September 2015

Bristol Botanics

Now I'm no Alan Titchmarsh but I do love a gorgeous garden if it's been created by someone else. One of the plus points of that hunt in the summer for that effing sheep was that I discovered previously undiscovered parts of Bristol.  There was a Shaun outside the Botanic Garden and I vowed to return to have a shuffty.  Yesterday Red Mel and I did just that.  Now I know Rudbeckia comes under the common or garden variety but I find it such a happy plant.

This is a little more unusual. You don't see a big copper ball by a pond everyday!

I gave this tree a big hug...and a bit of a snog as I loved the colour of its snowy white bark.  Red Mel was a bit embarrassed but I'd already checked that no-one else was around to see me. I'm not completely unselfconscious.

It's mighty impressive how someone can create a Jurassic forest that looks like it goes on forever in such a tiny space.  It's like a T-Rex could come out of the undergrowth at any second.

Oops there's one!

Here's your botany lesson of the day.  This is the fruit of Billardiera Longiflore.  Isn't it pretty? And yes,it is edible  and takes like apple although it's apparently a bit seedy.  No I wasn't tempted to try it. I learnt from childhood that you don't go around eating strange plants.  I  seem to remember we did eat laburnum seeds at one time though.

One of the glass house had these big Amazonian Lilies with leaves the size of enormous pizzas.

And here's another type of lily with a gorgeous solitary flower.

It was a lovely visit to a quiet oasis in a big city.  And do you know what?  I was inspired to see if those previously ungreen fingers can get something to grow.  I think I'll plant some herbs and pretty veg in my own tiny space if I have a moment next year.


  1. When I visit somewhere new, a botanical garden (if there is one) is always top of the list of places to visit. Fabulous.

  2. The colour of that fruit is stunning!

  3. They are very peaceful and calming places in general.