Saturday, 19 September 2015

Brixham Banksy

It has been the first weekend that Louis has stayed at the Brixham home since we moved in at the end of July.   The long summer break upset the usual childcare routine.  We celebrated with lunch at Rockfish.  I've promised that I'd take Louis to 'that posh restaurant near the harbour' for a long time.  Fritto Misto and a beer for me and half a lobster with garlic butter for a discerning twelve year old!

We wandered around town to look for works by a graffiti artist that hangs out here.  Whoever is it must be a fan of Banksy.....

...or perhaps the great bloke himself comes here for his holidays!

(Shame the snogging coppers got painted over)

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  1. There's a 'snogging coppers' on the wall of a pub' in Brighton; it now has a sheet of perspex over it. The very first sprayed graffiti I remember seeing was a Squirrel on several bridges over the M1, back in the 1970's; well before Banksy's time.