Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Commanded to Rest

I learnt a lot on my holiday about all sorts of things.  Of course I reckon I now know more about geysers and super volcanoes than the average Brit but it's more than that. There was experiential learning too.  One thing is that I worked out just how beneficial having three weeks off in a row was.  It really gave me time to wind down and recharge my batteries and I'll be booking an extended stretch off whenever possible in years to come.

More food for thought came via a conversation that I had with my friend Julie on the way to the Nudie Spa.  She is a devout Christian who takes her Bible study very seriously.  It's a different take on life to my own but heck! I'll take wisdom from anywhere.  One of the things that she spoke about was  the commandment that the Sabbath should be kept holy.  That's hard for her to do.  She's a self employed realtor and weekends are the busiest working days for this profession in the States.  But the idea that  this period of rest is compulsory and not an optional extra has grabbed her. Consequently she's made extra efforts to ensure that she abides by this law by building in compulsory times of chilling and worship.  A stretchy Sabbath with hours spread across the week. The spa visits make up part of this enforced relaxation.  Now that's the type of obedience that I like!

Aril from Gnat Bottomed Tower told me about a mindfulness course on FutureLearn that starts next week. It's free!  Now mindfulness is a big player in my own personal philosophy but formal practice has been patchy for yonks.  As a busy person with a full-time job that spills over in 'me time', studying, mothering etc, etc, etc it's easy to argue that there's no time for slacking off.  I'm a girl with over 40 tasks on my current to do list after all.  The argument never to stop until everything is done seems very compelling.  But who am I to mess with the big beardie blokie in the sky when he says I downtime is mandatory?  Doesn't he use that big thunderbolt when he's cross? I've signed up for the course to re-establish that habit of stepping back and sitting still. I'm proud to have convinced three of my Facebook friends to do the same Will anyone else join us?


  1. It all rather depends on which day of the week you regard as the Sabbath. For some it's Saturday, for others Sunday.... Let's be flexible, and work when necessary; at least that an atheist's view point.

  2. Rest and sleep are mandatory. The cycle of anxiety and tiredness is a vicious one- I'm just starting to do a little light meditation along with my short runs to keep it in check.