Thursday, 17 September 2015


I have been uncharacteristically grumpy and stressed since I got back to work on two counts.  Firstly bloody computers! We've got a brand new client record system with all the seemingly inevitable teething problems that comes with a technology update. To make things worse a glitch that I reported at work before my holiday is still be sorted. It means that I lose Internet connectivity about every hour and have to reboot my laptop over and over again.  In July my computer was taken away and 'fixed' two and a half weeks later.  The nice man on the helpline who sounded a bit like Leslie Philips told me that they didn't actually find a fault so snuck it back to me in its original state!

Driving is also getting me down.  All the roads in this part of  Devon seem to be bottle necked. There's roadworks absolutely everywhere.   It's exhausting even though I'm seemingly doing nothing in stop-start traffic queues.  As most of my visits seem to be at the furthest reaches of my patch I'm spending vast swathes of my time being unproductive and all that paperwork that is so hard to put onto the computer in the first place piles up even higher.

I've been having a think.  If I have to sit still in traffic it might as well be pleasant.  So I've decided to replan my diary.  If I schedule my Kingsbridge and Salcombe visits in the afternoon I can return home by the Dartmouth ferry.  And that's what I did yesterday.  Instead of sitting in the nondescript outskirts of Paignton waiting for the queue to move I watched the world go by from a boat.  Here's the view complete with reflections of  the stuff that I carry around on my dashboard.  A perfect end to a working day even though it was raining outside.  I arrived back in Brixham in a relaxed, happy state after a beautiful car ride that was a journey worth taking rather than a chore.


  1. My friend has listens to a course she has on CD in the car as she spends a lot of time on the road.

  2. I'd been having similar trouble with my laptop, and eventually a man came round and found a tiny semi-disconnected wire on the other side of the modem. He fiddled with it, and ever since it's been fine. I like your 'puffer' train.

  3. I always admire your problem-solving skills. Re routing your day is another brilliant example of this!

  4. Almost anything can be cured by a steam train, especially if rinding on it.