Saturday, 12 September 2015

Foodie Update

In advance of October's change in UK law when retailers will be compelled to charge for carrier bags I thought I'd again show off  one of my immensely capacious string bags.  Yes that is gin and chocolate in there.  I was preparing for a girlie night in with Salty Dog and these are essential supplies.  Look how much one of these beasties holds!  I caused quite a stir in the Asda queue but that's okay.  I like being the centre of attention!  For those of you who'd like their own just do a search on Ebay. There's plenty.  The lovely suppliers that I mentioned in my original post don't seem to exist anymore

Since moving out of the van my shopping, eating and cooking habits have changed.  The biggest difference is that  I have a whole freezer rather than a teeny ice box at my disposal.  Instead of one tiny tub of ice cream I now have four!   Buying in bulk applies to those yellow sticker items too. Yay! Four packs of smoked salmon, about £1.48 apiece went in there yesterday.  That'll be handy for those special weekend breakfasts.  And there was a decent chicken that had been marked down to around the £2.50 mark.

I'm starting to batch cook again as well.  Because I can! A shepherd's pie was portioned up the other day and frozen. Leftover soup was popped into another container ready to heat up on a day when I arrive home and am too knackered to cook properly. A big batch  of dal is planned.  I forgot how brilliant a bit of extra food storage space was.

What I'm not doing though is accumulating a vast collection of store cupboard ingredients.  I've worked out I don't really need twenty different oils, fourteen types of flour and an array of flavourings that wouldn't look out of place in one of those Middle Eastern spice markets.  Living in a smaller space helped me to learn to substitute ingredients without any ill effects on the finished product.  It would be a shame to lose this new found skill now I'm back in a proper house!


  1. Girls nights-lovely. I would have been quite envious in line of bag and contents. You remibd me my pantry needs a good sort.

  2. I love my stock pile. it makes me feel good. Dinner for 2 weeks already in the house? No problem! Love it. I also have some string bags but 2 were from france and 2 were from Greece.

  3. Everyone (99%) in France uses pukka shopping baskets, one NEVER sees plastic bags. About time wicker baskets had a revival back in the UK.

    1. Salty Dog and I were talking (over our gin and tonics!) about this very thing. I've never seen a carrier bag in E Leclerc.