Saturday, 26 September 2015


The annual NHS Staff Survey is out at the moment.  I gave my employer a mixed review.  On the plus side, people of Devon who need to use mental health services will be very pleased to hear that I think my colleagues trustwide are a compassionate and skilled bunch.  I'm also highly satisfied with the training that I receive. After all my Masters degree is being funded. I gave my immediate team and manager top marks as well.  On all counts as they're the biz.

The minus side?  Well currently there's pretty much no career progression  for people who want to retain a clinical role unless they're a doctor or clinical psycholgist.  And  sometimes I feel that there's someone faceless at the top of the organisation who takes my goodwill a little too much for granted.  I do way more unpaid overtime to compensate for staff shortages than I'd like and this has increased year on year to a point where I'm mightily pissed off. I don't think Dave has taken this into account when he's decided to keep our pay rises during the last few years and for the foreseeable to a random figure of 1%.  During some weeks, when my freebies are taken into account, my pay drops way below that of a newly qualified nurse.

Anyway.....there was a bunch of those standard demographic questions at the end of the survey.  Yes I am white British, female - tick, tick.  I pause at the one about my sexuality.  Should I make up something weird and wonderful out of devilment?  No, behave!   As far as I know, I'm boring old heterosexual.  However, the religion one stumped me.  There was a whole list of the usual faiths. There was also a box for those with no religion.  Did that apply to me even though I speak to God and the angels pretty much on a daily basis?  I don't think so.  I pick and choose where I take my wisdom from.  I selected the 'other' category but it didn't seem  the right descriptor.  I wonder if lots of people had the same dilemma.


  1. Personally I think that anyone who believes in gods and devils would probably require the help of the Devon Mental Health Service.

    1. I find that it balances all that evidence based practice stuff nicely!