Monday, 7 September 2015

House to Home

Perhaps I was going a bit over the top when I searched for a haunted house to use as the image to illustrate today's post.  As far as I know there's no ghoulies, ghosties or long legged beasties around here. Of course I'll let you know if any show up.  Maybe though it portrays my sense of feeling unsettled.  You never quite know how that deep unconscious brown stuff is going to present itself.

Louis was right the other day when he said that this place wasn't home yet.  His rationale was that it would be when all the boxes were unpacked but, for me, it's more.  It'll truly seem my own when I know where everything is and when I can walk around in the dark and find my way to the bathroom at night without waking up properly.   Reducing the 'To Do' list so that it isn't the length of the Channel Tunnel might also be helpful.  There's also something about having a better sense of the neighbourhood that's important as well.  I thought I knew Brixham well but it turns out that I'm only really oriented to the places  where I have fun, the beaches, pubs and restaurants.  Little struggles to track down everyday amenities, for instance the local sorting office and the school bus stop are all adding to that sense of disorientation.

Of course, I have no doubts that this will be a lovely settled happy home for us but let's get real.  Nest building has to be fitted around work, study and childcare commitments and, of course, is going to take time.  So what I've done since our return from holiday is given up the idea that our guest room is going to be operational for the next couple of months.  Any visitors will have to rough it a bit! Yesterday  I forced my now jet lagged carcass to lug all those odds and sods in there that are creating the chaos.  I've shut the door firmly.  They'll gradually be moved out as rooms are decorated, shelves have been built and a place is found for everything.  There!   I'm hoping that bringing a sense of order to most of  our living space will mean that we will both truly feel that this house is our home just that little bit earlier.


  1. That sounds like a good plan. Relax…it will all get sorted out in the end!

  2. I cant wait to see what you do with the house. I love being nosy. And my answer to everything is buy more shelves than you think you need. I am fed up of going back to IKEA with all of its BUY ME items all over the place that I have no where to give a home. I am especially looking forward to seeing some of your lino prints on the walls.

  3. I think you are right about putting things in their proper places, once that is done, you won't feel as though you are camping in someone else's house.

    As Sol says, we'd love to see what you do to it.

  4. Big move, big holiday means probably more time needed to settle. Shutting the door on stuff for a while seems a good plan

  5. Good idea to confine the chaos to one space and shut the door on it. This place only started to feel like home once we'd got started on renovating - before that it felt like we were squatting somewhere.