Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Lessons in Talking

A jetlag addled brain has meant that I am not able to produce a post today that is 'all my own words'. How did I ever think that I might escape it?  The mental mush has been made worse as Louis' body clock is out of kilter too.  He came down to see me and woke me up for a chat at the unfeasibly early time of 3:45am.  And again an hour later!

So I've borrowed an inspiring quote that I came across the other day that was attributed to Bernard Meltzer, a 20th century American radio host.   Now I am not always Little Miss Perfect with regard to comes out of my mouth but I do strive for self improvement. Communicating with integrity has been a theme that's been popping up in my thoughts recently. This serves as a little reminder to myself.  I hope others will ponder upon it too.

It appears that Mr Meltzer was not the first person to come up with these words.  It looks like he borrowed them from Sai Baba of Shridi, an Indian guru.  The full quote adds another line that  adds another dimension to these top tips.

'Does it improve upon the silence?'



  1. Simple and wise. I am especially going to think on the last one-apologies for probably just adding noise here.