Friday, 18 September 2015

No Weddings Or A Funeral

Have you got any plans?' asked Salty Dog when I showed her this picture of the centre piece from a Lego themed wedding.  Ha!  My relationship status seems well and truly set at single at the moment. When do I have time to look what with everything that work, a recent home move, university and an ebullient kid throw at me?  I told someone else that a blokey would have to fall into my lap. And he'd have to trip up very fast  indeed because I don't do much sitting around.

Apparently if and when I do get married again Louis wants to organise the whole shenanigan. Blimey!  He's watched too many of those reality shows programmes where the bride doesn't have a say in how the day is going to run.  As a fully 'fessed up control freak. the thought makes me a little nervous.  Twelve and fifty year olds are likely to hold entirely different viewpoints on what would make a romantic day.  But if he came up with a carbon copy of this cake  I wouldn't mind at all.  Those little guys rolling the icing are the cutest.

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