Sunday, 27 September 2015

Notes From A Runaway

I'm exhausted and home is not a relaxing place to be yet. There's so much to do and when I'm there I'm fidgety, always chipping, chipping, chipping away to get things straight. So I've made my escape for a weekend to see Red Mel in her new flat.  She's only been in here just over a month and yes, she too has unpacked boxes. But they're not mine so I'm not tempted to rush around emptying them.  Her place is going to be great. It has a huge balcony overlooking the river - a wonderful place for watching the world go by with drinks and nibbles. We played an extremely politically incorrect and childish game of giving the 'nice young men' that passed the thumbs up or down and giggled extensively.  Being silly is just what I need at moment. If the bloke in the bright blue T-shirt is reading this, I only saw your back view  as you entered the Crescent but I love you!

It's great  to be in Bristol and not have to scurry around looking for that 'Effing Sheep' as Shaun became after I'd seen about seventy weirdly painted versions of him.  We took in chi-chi boutiques where the price tags were massive, looking for inspiration for our new homes and went in masses of charity shops.  Didn't I say that I wouldn't be buying any clothes this year?  Ha! I lied.  My newly purchased pink dress and long grey White Stuff cardigan are all the more lovely for being illicit.  Louis has benefitted from my little foray as well. There were some great finds for his Christmas stocking that I've decided will be entirely charity shop sourced this year.

This was our lunchstop, the Mockingbird in Clifton that serves food with a southern US twist.  My last visit was before it opened and I was dying to see how it had turned out.  I'll come clean and say that it's owned by Red Mel's son, Oliver so this little review might be seen as biased but please take my word for it.  This place is superb.  If it wasn't I'd have stayed schtum and not told you I'd been there.  It has everything, beautiful surroundings, friendly staff, cool music and, needless to say great coffee and food.  The smashed avocado and goats cheese on sourdough was inspirational, something I'll try to emulate at home.   I might have a go at recreating the basil lemonade and peanut butter and jelly cookies too!