Sunday, 13 September 2015

On My Doorstep

After my first visit to Yellowstone National Park to celebrate the millennium I returned home and went for a walk.  It seemed lacklustre. There was no boiling water shooting into the sky, hubbling, bubbling mud or steam drenched rivers.  Just boring old Devon woodland.  It was beautiful but not putting on a show for me like an area of geothermal activity does.

Now I've walked a lot of the South West Coast path.  For instance, I've pretty much completed the stretch that hugs the English Channel between Gorran Haven in Cornwall and the Golden Cap in Dorset. However most of my jaunts were a long time ago and I think I'd forgotten just how jaw droppingly awesome those seascapes can be. Yesterday Salty Dog and I headed out west from the house to join the path which is  a matter of yards from my door.  This is one of the stunning views that we encountered on our way.  I'm pleased to say that this time  I was not disappointed with what the UK has to offer!