Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Setting People Straight

Ah holiday memories! I'm working hard to keep them alive and not let them get buried under big pile of work.  It's mad here at the moment.  This is me and my boy by the iconic Inukshuk in English Bay, Vancouver.  We cycled there on our hired bikes and joined all the other tourists taking selfies.  Then to congratulate ourselves for pedalling right around Stanley Park and to make up those calories that we'd burned we ate ice cream at Bella Gelateria, winner of the people's choice awards at the world gelato championships in Italy.  Lou and I became regulars there in our short stay in Yaletown.  My twelve year old taster confirmed that their vanilla is the best that he's ever tasted.

What I want you to do is pay particular attention to my hair. I've had to be gentle but assertive with a couple of people in the last week. Someone, maybe in the fashion industry  has been giving them false ideas.  No, I am not platinum blonde and I have not paid a fortune to have it dyed this way. I'm too tight with time and money when it comes to beauty spending for that. Although that rarest of precious metals is incredibly beautiful and I would love to own some in jewellery form one day (and maybe work with it!) it is not the colour of my hair.  I am grey.  Grey and proud!


  1. It's a lovely shade of platinum grey though!!!! *runs*

  2. Your hair is beautiful. I wish I could be daring enough to have mine cut short. It must be so easy to look after.

  3. White and beautiful is what your hair is, not grey. I am quite jealous of the colour, mine clings to some of the old colour when I want it to be white.