Thursday, 24 September 2015


One of the lovely people that I see through work was telling me the other day about her grandchildren's tortoise and the pleasure that she gets from being in his company.  Just thought that I'd mention.  If you need a bit of cheering up then Shelly* is your man.

This tortoise here is just hanging around whilst I explore the theme of slowness, specifically as it describes the progress that I am making on turning this house into a home.  It's not going fast enough for a person who likes everything done yesterday and needs to learn a little more patience and acceptance. Especially with myself.

After a hard day at the office and out and about, and believe me there's some tough ones at the moment, I can't expect myself to put in a good few hours of DIY...and study and feed me and do whatever needs doing in the childcare arena.   I'm often very knackered and good for nothing, least of all an arduous stint of home improvement. Louis' room still needs a lot of work and the spare room  looks like I'm a contender for one of those programmes that sort out hoarders.  What's more it seems to be getting worse!

But slowly, slowly things are changing here.   Walls get stripped, holes are filled.  We finally have TV and sufficient light to see ourselves eat in the dining room.  Flatpacks have been assembled and stuff put away.  There still seems to much to do.  It's rather daunting really.  But I keep reminding myself of what I've done each day and look back over the longer term.  I've really achieved quite a lot in the first two months of living in a 'big' house again.

* To preserve confidentiality, all names of tortoises in this post have been changed!


  1. As you say, you've only been there a couple of months, and for some of that time you were away on your wonderful hols. Plus you work full time, and there are only so many hours in the day! You're getting there, bit by bit.

  2. It will all come right eventually, better to have thought about it than rushed in, wilyl nilly.