Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Stretching Squash

Yesterday Cro at Magnon Meanderings, another blogger of the eclectic type, showed off the rewards of his squash harvest.   I so love this veg in all its shapes and forms and am truly jealous of his bountiful crop.  In order to rid myself of my inner green goddess I hurriedly popped over to Riverford's website to see if they were selling their  squash box yet. Alas!  None yet.  It seems that the veg season here runs to a slightly different calendar to France's.

Here though is a recipe for the soup that I made the other day from a humble butternut from Aldi and bits and pieces that needed using up.  It was easy-peasy, awfully good and made five portions.

1. Chop up a butternut squash, a wrinkly red pepper and an onion and soften in rapeseed oil in a big pan.
2.  Add salt, pepper and a healthy few shakes of good old smoked paprika.
3. Add vegetable stock made from a couple of cubes and a litre of boiling water.  I only went meat free in the juice department as Salty Dog, the first recipient of a bowlful of this stuff,  is pescatarian. A bit of the beefy stuff might have been my first choice.
4.  Heat through and blitz with a natty handheld blender.
5.  Serve with bits and pieces on top for a hearty meal.  Here's the bowl I served a famished Louis, just home from school.  He's definitely not adverse to a bit of meat.  I added garlicky croutons made from a stale loaf, bits of bacon and cheese.  He wolfed it down!


  1. Chuckle- I've just done a squash related post for tomorrow!

  2. I love butternut squash and leek soup with a swir of natural yogurt and some black pepper. I have just realised I bought BS and leeks today without thinking; is my body telling me something? I forgot the yogurt, though.

  3. Butternuts are wonderful; my favourite is simply roasting for an hour with a chicken, and the leftovers are even better the next day, cold.