Thursday, 10 September 2015


Unusually for us we brought back a fair amount of stuff from our recent North American holiday.  I even had concerns that we'd exceed our luggage allowance on the flight home but we arranged our bags so that did not happen   Some of our goodies were conventional purchases. For instance,  we are now the owners of a rather lovely National Parks Edition of Monopoly where Yellowstone replaces Mayfair on the board!  Its inaugural game was played on the balcony of the Old Faithful Inn.   I found some silver pinkie rings and Louis is the proud owner of a Seattle Mariner's baseball hat.

Other stuff came our way too.  Our friends were decluttering in a big way. 'Look around our house' they said. 'If there's anything you like please ask.  We may well give it to you!'  What an offer! We've come home with blankies that kept us snuggly on the flight.  There's a little glass bird and I've got a couple of snazzy new hats and a very funky camping stove that's fuelled with small twigs.  Call me geeky but I've been hankering after one of those for years.

John was brought up on a farm in Georgia. As we left he gave Louis a big bag of the  Native American arrowheads hewn from quartz that he'd found in the fields there.  These are three of them.  Now there's something very special that you can't buy in a normal souvenir shop!


  1. A good haul! Please show us the glass bird.

  2. I live in hope of finding an arrow head..... and you have THREE.

    1. No we have about 20! Not the same as finding them on your own soil though.