Sunday, 18 October 2015

A Fishy Feast

I've looked back and I can't believe that I haven't written a post about fish pie!  It's one of my favourite suppers and one that was out of bounds for a long time except as a pub meal.  The ex hated it.  He'd scour his meal for bones and inevitably find the only one around. It was torture to watch.  Luckily Lou hasn't inherited his dad's abhorrence. He's a  big fan too.

This is last night's fishy medley which I made myself.  I tend to pounce on those yellow stickered packs in the chill cabinet of the supermarket and then freeze them until they're needed.   I cut up fillets of salmon, cod and mackerel for yesterday's offering and added in healthy handfuls of peas and prawns.  

I covered this in a white sauce.  Sorry I can't give proportions of ingredients as I do this by eye.  A good dollop of butter and a similar amount of flour goes in a saucepan and forms a great big lump.  It looks like you'll never get rid of the bloody thing.  But little by little, with stirring and the addition of milk a smooth sauce forms.  Voila! as Raymond Blanc would say.  Just a little bit of seasoning and its ready to be mixed into the fish.

Now all that's left to be done is to top it with buttery mashed potatoes.  Oh! Start cooking those first or you'll have a long wait before eating.  The finishing touch is enough grated vintage cheddar to keep a whole colony of mice very happy for a long time.  Purists don't like the mixture of cheese and fish.  Bollocks to them I say!  Then the pie goes into the oven at about 200 degrees for about half an hour until the cheese is golden and crispy.  Mmmmm!

There was enough here for about four hungry folks so I've frozen half the pie for Ron.  That's slang for later around here and not some random Brixham bloke who's coming to tea.  This beastie was so good that we're not about to share it with anyone.


  1. It sounds yum! But I'm not a mega fishy person - I am trying to eat more of late so might give it a whirl! I make my white sauce though, with the exact same ingredients, but if you put them all in the pan together cold and heat and stir stir stir it works every time, no lumps! I mostly get lumps using trad method like you! I always remember being taught in domestic science at school that when you mix the butter n flour it has the consistency of toothpaste - I never once questioned what sort of toothpaste was my teacher using????!!!

  2. I love fish pie but I too sling all the butter, flour and milk in together, but use a ballon whisk until it's all mixed in. And I love parsley in the sauce and some pepper. I usually add some mixed veg too. I buy smoked fish when I see it reduced and freeze it, then thaw and lightly cook pollock filllets, and a big tin of salmon (for 4-6 portions.) And cheese on top is a must. We're having turkey korma in a bit; now I'm wishing it was fish pie!

  3. You call it a Fish Pie and I know that dish as Fish Mornay whatever the name . That was my favourite meal when I was single.

  4. I love a fish pie, but I do like it more when some smoked fish is added to it.