Friday, 2 October 2015

A Handy Guide To Bison

Here's something that I meant to share from when Louis and I were in the USA last month. How time flies! This useful chart was shown to us by a ranger in Yellowstone during one of their very informative evening talks.    We learnt about the super volcanoes. Cue tug on sleeve and small voice saying, 'Mum, I'm scared, really scared!  A whispered discussion about the teeny statistical likelihood of eruption happening whilst we were in the park ensued.  I'm really not the type of parent that takes their kid to places where there is a high risk of death.

Then there was the one about the geysers.  Louis came with inquisitive  new friends that he'd met in the campground.  'What  happens if you put an ice cube down a geyser?'  The ranger patiently answered that it was unlawful to put anything down them but an ice cube was unlikely to make any difference. The same hand went up in the air thirty seconds later. 'What would happen if you put 100,000 ice cubes down a accident?!'  The erupting super volcano was again touched upon (there was a bit of overlap in the talks).  Again a  small boy with a very vivid imagination needed answers.  'If you put two thermo-nuclear warheads either side of the super volcano to reduce the impact of the blast, would this be helpful?'  The poor ranger looked exasperated.  'Look!' he said 'If this thing blows we'd be in enough trouble without the addition of thermo-nuclear devices!'

Back to the bison.  We encountered one at very close quarters as we turned a bend on our final drive in Yellowstone, out of the park.  He was walking resolutely towards our car.  My plan was to slowly veer to the other side of the road and get by.  Then another tourist came in the opposite direction and blocked my escape route by stopping to take photos!  With about ten feet to go the bison changed direction and we snuck past.  He could have been in a petulant, skeptical or happy mood.  Who knows? There was no doubting our emotion though.  We were scared!


  1. Love the bison chart!! We were in Yellowstone a couple of years ago and were amazed at how big the buffalo were. Several people have been gored by them this year, seems they forget they're dealing with wild animals.

    1. People get gored every year! Those beasties moved fast when pissed off. x