Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Little Corner

At snail's pace so it seems, for I am an impatient bird, the house is coming together.  The spare room still looks like a small thermonuclear device has been detonated in there but for the first time in ages I can get in there without imagining I am on a beginner's scrambling course. I can even see glimpses of carpet!  Each day I try to do something towards creating my vision of home, however little.

Although Louis' bedroom is nigh on done and dusted mine needs some work to make it cosy and welcoming.  In spite of having white walls and bedding it looks gloomy.  Perhaps when the eucalyptus tree in the garden gets the chop next month it will make a bit of difference but I'm not sure it's the entire solution.  There's a thinking cap that's well and truly wedged on.

On the plus side I am loving my beautiful big brass bed and here's the bedside tables that I've bought.  My old ones, storage type ones to go with my ill fated futon bed, looked dreadful.  Far too modern to be a good match.  They'll be used elsewhere in the house.

These are from Sylvester Oxford, a bargain £99.50 for two.  I'm really chuffed with them. Let me say that your'e not going to get craftsman quality at this price.  The drawers action is far from smooth and there's not a dove-tail joint in sight.  But I love the ornate fretwork and they are a really good fit with my vintage bed.

Here's the one on my side of the bed.  Even though there's no-one here to share it with I haven't migrated to the middle!  It holds heart shaped treasures from Louis and books. The drawers are handy for hiding away ugly charger cables. The lamp?  Yes it's another yet find from George Home.


  1. I see you have Leonard beside your bed! I have recently been listening in the car to the Jennifer Warnes album singing Cohen songs. ( " Famous Blue Raincoat") Do you know it? It has some beautiful songs on it. Bernadette, and Joan of Arc, to name but 2.

  2. I haven't got around to any of the cover version album. Must do at some time x