Friday, 16 October 2015

From Art With Love

Photo: The Independent
What I love about art is its power to elicit an emotional response. I was unexpectedly moved to tears twice yesterday by the creative endeavours of others.

The first piece was Tamara Kvesitadze's striking dynamic statue 'Man and Woman' which is installed in a Georgian town and comes to life at 7am each day for ten minutes.  It portrays a Muslim man and Christian woman coming together and their separation at the dissolution of the Soviet Union. But maybe it spoke to me of personal union and partings.

And then those tears fell again!  I was driving back to the office after visiting a man who was living apart from his much loved wife because he could no longer provide the care that she needed.  He was not depressed, just exhausted and understandably grief stricken.  Radio 4's Ramblings featured Matthew Hopwood, a man who, like me, listens to people's stories for a living.   His own story touched me because it talks of love born out of a time of fragility.   His website contains some powerful stuff too.


  1. I looked up the statues on utube. They are very beautiful….. but sad!

  2. The artwork depicting the refugee crisis by Syrian artist Nazir Ali Badr has had a similar effect upon me today.

  3. Music makes me emotional, but art works very rarely. Maybe I over analyse things with an artist's eye.