Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Green Man Memo

This post is a reminder to myself for  my blog can serve that purpose. Sometime I'll return in search of a recipe that took my fancy.  Or I'll merely go back to recreate memories.  It's amazing how small Louis was when I started this venture.

 I'm also hoping that nothing will happen to the World Wide Web and my ramblings will be available to me to peruse in old age.   It'll be a souvenir of what I've done and a record of what I've felt at various stages of my life.  Maybe I'll look back and think 'Silly Old Sausage!' when I revisit certain posts about my exploits

I was rather taken by this wall of Green Men in a shop in Mevagissey When the outside of my house has been painted I fancy one to adorn the front.  Perhaps I'll make my own version.  This bunch certainly will provide a heap of inspiration when I get round to the project.  I'm thinking they'd translate nicely into mosaic.  And I wondered whether a woolly version might be something that my chum Aril at Gnat Bottomed Towers might like to create.  She knitted a rather impressive gargoyle the other day!


  1. Fab!! You might enjoy the shop at Tintern too if you're ever up that way. It's called the Spirit of the Greenman and fatally, she has a website too!

  2. We've had one for years, house wouldn't feel right without it.