Saturday, 24 October 2015

Impromptu Play

I won't see my boy until Monday week as he is off to Crete to spend half term with his dad.  Long absences are one of the pitfalls of co-parenting.   Unusually after today I've got nothing planned for the whole time he's away.  It'll mean that I can crack on with decorating, the perpetual game of catch up that I play with clinical notes and a job application.  More about that as the story unfolds.

Yesterday I took Lou to the dentist for a check up and his first ever application of fluoride varnish.  He wasn't particularly happy with that.  It tasted horrible. 'Like black banana!'  We arrived at the surgery with lots of time to spare. You never know how that Newton Abbot traffic is going to be. It gave us time to mess about in the grounds of Old Forde House, a Jacobean manor that's owned by the council and used for weddings.  It was a good job that one wasn't in progress while we were there.  We would have ruined that air of romance. Here's Louis on top of one of the sculptures that looked like a big stone version of Jenga.

There's something about being around a kid that brings out my inner child.  Rather than doing something grown up and sensible like contemplating the scenery or trying to identify plants I found some small spiky balls growing on this tree.  They were rather like mini chestnuts in their  spiny cases. Perfect ammo!  And so a battle commenced. I started to throw them at Lou on top of his tower. Of course that lead to some enthusiastic retaliation and lots of laughter. Passers-by with dogs looked on with amusement.

This spontaneous messing about was a lovely unexpected prize in a day that had seemed chore laden.  It's  a great memory to sustain me until Lou returns with the stories of his travels.


  1. What on earth is fluoride varnish? Sounds awful poor Lou.

    1. It is, a coating that stops tooth decay and is free for children on the NHS. Good for kids who aren't that pernicketty about dental hygiene! x

    2. Thank you. That sounds good. Didn't know they did that.

  2. Brilliant! Still tickle my 17 year old when he's being deliberately annoying. He squeals like a stuck pig and we laugh until the tears roll down our cheeks!