Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Jamie's...No Louis' Fish Cakes!

'I am going to cook you lunch'. Music to a mother's ears.  Louis reeled off a list of ingredients from the recipe that he'd found on the internet including the 'ethically sourced salmon'.  The stuff that I had in the freezer, liberated from Sainsbury's yellow sticker area was organic.  Phew!

I guessed that we were having fishcakes which are a bit of a favourite of mine.  When I emerged downstairs covered in paint from my decorating antics potatoes were boiling away merrily and salmon was laid out on a chopping board.  'I need foil to cook the fish' said Lou.  Ours is twenty miles away in the motorhome.

Now I know that you can cook fish with good results in the microwave but Louis was having none of it. Jamie had prescribed a particular cooking method.  He is a god as far as my boy is concerned.  The salmon went in a colander and then was put on top of the potato saucepan to steam.  Thankfully I managed to persuade the boy that greaseproof paper was a good alternative to cover the fish.  It was cooked perfectly in ten.

And here's the finished articles.  They were lovely.  Louis followed Jamie Oliver's recipe here.  He made it his own by omitting the lemon zest.  Now that was too much of a faff. 


  1. I recently bought a whole frozen salmon (which I sawed in half), the tail end would make wonderful fish cakes. I'll follow Louis's example this Friday.

  2. You should encourage this trait in your son! 2 of our sons have cooked for us occasionally in the past, but not until they were adults! No 2 son and his fiancee, now wife ,since last Friday, cooked Christmas dinner last year. They have set a trend which I hope will continue!!

  3. Good chap. I've bought A a student cookbook and he has been known to produce meals for us from time to time. Always a plus in my book!

  4. He is a treasure, your Louis. Encourage him in cooking for his sake, as well as yours.