Sunday, 25 October 2015


Since I was in my twenties I was pretty certain of the name that I'd give to my first child.  If he were a boy there was never any doubt that  he was going to be  called Louis.  I like how the sound feels on the tongue and its French origins given my Francophile leanings.   I settled on Phoebe for the girl that never was. My first choice was another French name, Agnès, pronounced 'Anyes' but I knew that my daughter would always be saddled with correcting  its pronunciation from the harsher anglicised version ,

 Louis means 'Famous Warrior' and whilst my son is not an especially fightie person in the physical sense, he is as tenacious as it comes in a verbal battle.  Believe me I've had a few of those!  Many people think Louis Theroux was the inspiration behind my choice.  After all I'm a bit of a fan.  But the decsion pre-dates 'Weird Weekends' where I first came across him.   I reckon this guy, whose utterly joyous music  was part of the soundtrack to my student days, may have been the one who inspired me!


  1. The French pronunciation of Agnes certainly makes the name much sexier and pleasant.

  2. My favourite song - What a Wonderful World.