Thursday, 15 October 2015

Meerkats in My Attic

My attempts to save on the DIY and convince my twelve year old son that it was hip and trendy for boys to have rose bedecked bedrooms were unsuccessful.  Bah! That flowery wallpaper in the attic had to go. It's taken way longer than expected but finally I can show you how Louis' attic transformation has turned out. He's delighted. Me?  I still see little jobs to do up there.  For instance, the transition between the grey feature wall and the white roof isn't as neat as I'd like.  Something to do with masking tape failure.  The inner perfectionist tells me that that must be revisited within the next few days.

There's a mixture of old stuff and new up there. This chair used to be in the conservatory in my old house. When I've got a moment to spare I'll be sprucing up the sun bleached covers with some of that Dylon that you pop in the washing machine. Inspired by our badge covered cushion from the motorhome, the grey one here harbours Louis' nascent collection of pins. The blankie with the eagle is one of those that result from helping our American friends declutter their home.

What I've tried to do is create a grown up space that'll see Louis through to adulthood and give him a place where he can relax and study.  The room is quite small but I wanted a double bed in there.  My son is wriggly and getting taller.  It took a lot of thought to fit in the other furnishings without it looking too cramped.  This take on an old fashioned bureau from the PS 2014 range at IKEA is a fantastic storage solution. It goes without saying that a lot of swearing was involved during its construction.  I left the office chair to Louis.  Who needs Lego when a kid can assemble flat packs.   That clock is a good old George find as was the striking duvet cover.  Louis loves owls....and meerkats..... and wolves.  You might be able to tell.  It's a proper menagerie up there.

I think Louis' favourite thing is the Coca Cola Fridge that doubles up as a bedside table.  We went halves on the cost of this. Lou's super happy with the glass globe light which, yep, is another George find.  It seems that I've become a walking talking advert for Asda's range of funky inexpensive homeware!

The rather kitsch calendar which features a photo of the harbour has a nice story behind it.  'Where do you live?' asked a new patient who seemed rather too perky to be on the books of a mental health team. 'Brixham' I replied. 'I've got just the thing for you then. I was taking this to the charity shop.'

Aside from a little bit of finishing off, I've ticked off the first of my decorating chores.  Next stop is the landing outside the attic room.  That'll be the main storage area for Louis' toys and books which are still stashed in the spare room.  If I want somewhere cosy for my guest to sleep anytime soon I better get cracking on!


  1. Looks great, Louis must love it.

  2. I like that grey wall. I'm a big fan of grey in all its forms; a highly underestimated colour.

    1. You might have noticed I'm a bit of a fan of grey myself too. It's my favourite colour. In case you missed it, have a look at this painting that you might like on a former post I did.

  3. That looks a good den. Am also a fan of the grey- am seeing a lot of it at the moment and metallic silver finishes.

  4. Brilliant makeover. Well done.
    PS I can't see the wobbly edge!

  5. Looks great, looks like a room he'll be able to grow up in,

  6. A proper boy's room, excellent.

  7. Very chuffed that you all like it! xx