Monday, 19 October 2015

Move Over Lisa Simpson

Money seems to be pouring out of my purse since the move.  I suppose it's more or less inevitable.  This weekend it was an oil fired radiator as the central heating system doesn't extend into Louis' loft.  Not a purchase to warm the cockles of my heart although it may keep Lou's tootsie's toastie.

My latest buy has made me a bit more excited. Louis' last school report highlighted his aptitude for music.  It said that his progress learning the saxophone for the class band had been outstanding and that we should consider lessons for him.  He starts soon.

Now I know diddly squat about saxophones. I didn't even really register that they came in two different sizes, one of which, the tenor, would be too hefty for my less than burly son to lug around.  'Hire an alto' was the advice of the teacher.   Apparently that's a little one. He gave me a website and I baulked at the cost Sixty pounds a term!

Ebay is my friend.  I decided to seek out a secondhand model.  After bidding on a couple this is the one that will be winging its way to our door, the Stagg Alto 77 SA, a reasonable beginner's model at half the price of the new and less than the cost of a year's hire. And should Louis decide that he does not want to continue with lessons or wants to upgrade to a better instrument then it can go back to auction so that we can recoup our costs.


  1. My boy plays the saxophone and we sold his beginner one on eBay last Christmas. It was a rather splendid electric blue one! He used some inheritance money on a more spendy one ...I'd advise start saving up now!!!

  2. More than two types of Sax. I am vey impressed that Louis is learning to play, I wish him well.

  3. Lovely instrument, the Sax. A good Sax player always has work!

  4. My son played sax in his youth but then the guitar lyred him away. We are leeking violin costs with child three.

    1. Lou plays drums too. Just one child can leak money with those music lesson costs!