Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Oh! PS

Here's something from my past that I found whilst looking for an illustration with a vehicular theme.  It a Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Palm Toffee Van.  See the printing on the side?  There's a good chance that I did that.  I reckon that I was involved in making 250,000 of the things during my holiday jobs at the toy factory, a place to work that sounds nicer than it was in reality.

It's proper cars that I'm going to talk about today, not ones that you have to push along the carpet vocalising vroom vroom noises.  The inaccuracies of carbon emissions reporting came to light because of the Volkswagen diesel car scandal.  I wonder if my two former Skoda Fabias will have to be tweaked.  Anyway it seems that governments around the world want to sort this out.  Whilst they're at it could they also deal with the frankly ludicrous claims that the manufacturers make about urban and extra urban fuel economy at the same time?  Even though I love my  Citigo and especially appreciate its heated seats on chilly autumn mornings, its published meagre petrol consumption smacks of fantasy.

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