Thursday, 8 October 2015

Ooh Missus! Great Big Balls!

Nothing like a good excuse for a  bit of innuendo!   Now where was I? Ah yes! The living room in my new home is smaller than in the last brick built house that I left nearly a year ago.  I'd remembered it as positively palatial when I was living in the motorhome.  In reality the floor area is quite small and  door openings reduce the space where furniture can be put.  I'm one chaise longue down from my previous living space and I don't quite fancy playing 'let's all snuggle up together on the sofa' with quite everyone who comes through the door.

So in order to expand the range of perches that my guests can choose from I've bought some of these giant pom poms that I've been coveting for a while now.  I first spied them in Habitat but of course, I was on the hunt for something a bit more cheap and cheerful.   Mine are from the George homeware range and, fingers crossed, there seems no compromise in quality.   It looks like a mad knitting artist has plonked an installation in the corner.  The small red one came first at the bargain price of £19 and I added the others that cost £39 apiece earlier this week.  

I'm really pleased with their versatility.  They make great footstools as well as seats and are light enough to drag into the sun room when extra pews are needed there.  And Louis' been doing that usual childhood thing where imagination extends an object's use beyond that intended. Perhaps their proximity to his stilts gave him ideas.  He's been using them as balance balls!


  1. If I should ever come to visit, please may I sit on the sofa? I doubt I could get up from the balls! They do look nice though.

  2. Personally I'm a bit like Frances (a dodgy knee), but I like them very much.

  3. Oh course visitors get first pick of sofa or big woolly ball!

  4. A bit like bean bags?
    The red one would be my choice it looks a bit larger than the others and I'd be able get up too!
    Poor old Cro :) :)

  5. You could hang one from the ceiling and use it as a punch bag when you have had a bad day at work.