Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Pebble Power

Thank you so much to my lovely friend, Aril, at Gnat Bottomed Towers  for directing my attention towards the work of Nazir Ali Badr, a Syrian, whose work is inspirational on all sorts of levels. This depiction of the country's refugee crisis is heart stopping.  It's the inclusion of so many little'uns that gets me.  Children worldwide should have a chance to play and learn and not caught up in the crap that a minority of  destructive adults, who have lost touch with our real purpose on this planet, have created.

On another level it is wonderful that this artist can give a woman who lives by a beach ideas for artwork of her own. Follow the link from the artist's name above to his Facebook page and then look in his photo album.  I'm sure others will find plenty there to spark their own creative processes. I reckon the resource to produce copycat art is freely available everywhere!

Perhaps the inclusion of so many whimsical works, that show everyday life that I can relate to, means that there are moments of normality for folk in the war  torn land of Syria. There's also some wonderful photos of children being encouraged to produce pebble art of their own.  Maybe these are times of respite where they can laugh, love and experience peace. I really do hope so.


  1. His work is amazing. Love it.

  2. Just incredible & moving art, as Ilona said 'amazing'

  3. I first came across his work on the website Colossal, it really is marvellous isn't it?

  4. Glad you're all in agreeement! x