Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Pre-Empty Nester

I looked back through my photos from our trip to the Pacific North West to source today's shot.  This'll do,  a weird and whacky one of me and the lad taken at the EMP in Seattle. It's a precious memory from a fun time together.  We've been incredibly fortunate to have loads of those.

My son is changing.  His newly decorated attic bedroom has gone down a treat  and he's taken to hiding himself in 'the apartment' as he calls up there.  From what I can recall I reckon that this is pretty normal for someone who's approaching their teens.  It's a wonder that my family even recognised me because I tucked myself away so comprehensively at this time of life.

In the motorhome we were used to sharing a very small space.  Even when we were each doing our own thing we were in close proximity.    I wonder if this is why this seems like a time of huge adjustment.    I've spoken before about being a highly sociable being who likes a fair amount of solitude.  That's still true.  On the days that Louis is with his dad I savour  times I have alone.  Being in a house together yet physically apart though is something that I'm having to get used to.


  1. And then just as you adjust they then they announce they'd like to spend some time with the family and want to come on holiday with you again next year having shown no interest whatsoever for the last couple!! Arilx

    1. Was invited up to the apartment tonight to chill but within five minutes got kicked out! x

    2. I have a wooden bench in my bedroom which even now he gravitates towards if he wants a general chat or he's worried about something. Helps tremendously if you can have a space for them where they know they can find you if they need you particularly as the hormones start kicking inx

  2. Seems you moved from the motorhome just in time!