Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Love of a Good Van

Klaus the Knaus, my trustee motorhome, has been causing me some angst recently.  Water was pooling on his roof and dripping in through air vents in the skylight.  He was also refusing to start even though his main battery was connected by a trickle charger to the leisure battery which is in turn juiced up from the solar roof panels. It was all too much.  Possessions bring responsibility.  'I think I might sell the motorhome.' I confided in Red Mel.  'You can't do that!' she exclaimed.  She's got used to the comfort of camping in a vehicle and wasn't keen to go back to a tent.

I needed to rekindle the lurve between me and my van.    Fixing the leak and mending the trickle charger (a simple problem with a broken circuit) went some way towards doing this.  I decided I had to get away in Klaus to further ignite the passion.

I took Red Mel and Little Wren down to Cornwall this weekend.   After all we all needed a break. We stayed beachside at Pentewan Sands. From there we swam in the wonderful campsite pool, beachcombed and shopped in the chi-chi boutiques of Mevagissey where we all bought ourselves treats.  Of course some eating and drinking ourselves a little bit merry came into the equation as well. Klaus felt like a home from home and it's lovely that he's now been decluttered, devoid of the stuff needed for everyday living.

So my threats to sell up were short lived.  My motorhome is a relaxing place where friends and family will be sharing adventures for the foreseeable future.  The love is well and truly back!


  1. I'm sure you'd regret selling it. I'd love to own one.

  2. I am pleased that you are keeping him, you did so much work on him before you moved in.