Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tooth Hurty

I paid an impromptu visit to the dentist yesterday, the third in a month.  The first was a regular check up for me and then there was one with Lou where he had the fluoride varnish applied that's supposed to prevent decay.  I didn't mention in my last post that it's free on the NHS for kids even though it comes highly unrecommended in terms of taste!

My latest visit was an emergency appointment.  Pain in a niggling tooth that my dentist thought was just a sensitive soul suddenly flared up to a level where eating and drinking was impossible.  Luckily ibuprofen staved off the worst of it so that I could quieten the rumbling tummy but PDQ action was needed.  There's an infection for which antibiotics were prescribed.  I was feeling a little rough yesterday evening and did pretty much nothing after the working day.  I beat myself up about the lack of decorating and getting on top of paperwork before exercising a bit of self compassion.  How can I relentlessly carry on when I'm not well?

At the surgery I spotted a poster that stopped me in my tracks.  It's from a charity called Bridge2Aid. 'What if your child had toothache and no hope of help?' was the headline.  It then pointed out that 70% of the world's population has no access to dental care.  Scary stuff for toothache is the worst!

I've been drafting my will lately.  Oxfam have an arrangement where you can have one written for free.  There's no catch.  Most of what I own will go to the nipper of course but I want to leave some of my estate to charity.  There's a few on the list already but I was looking for another.  Bridge2Aid who train healthcare staff around the world to provide emergency dental care fits the bill nicely.


  1. That is a sound charity to support, well done.

  2. Me and dentists don't mix. I have a total fear of them and will suffer terribly until a visit becomes essential; even then I have to be coaxed.

    1. I think they've come on a long way since I was young when visits put the fear of God into me. My dentist now is very gentle.