Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Accidental Butter Bean and Anchovy Salad

I'll 'fess up and say that I sort of pinched this from somewhere else.  I seem to recall seeing a butter bean/anchovy/tomato combo online. But be blowed if I know where.  Of course  I'd give the creator credit if I could remember where I saw it first. This tasty little mixture will do for three lunches this week and save me buying pappy supermarket sandwiches.

Anyway here's the 'recipe'

  • Open a can of tinned tomatoes whilst making Masoor Dal and realise that you've opened a tin of butter beans instead.  Where's that mindfulness stuff when you need it?  Store in fridge for couple of days.
  • Realise that you've got to use up butter beans before they grow legs so drain and shove in a bright pink bowl. 
  • Add a tin of chopped anchovies and halved cherry tomatoes.  There!  That's the original recipe as far as I remember it.
  • Have another butchers in the fridge. There's bound to be some leftovers in there.  Cut up a slice of grilled halloumi, halve a few olives and add that in as well.
  • Herbs!  There's masses growing on my window sill.  It's like a jungle.  Okay I'm exaggerating. It's just a mini one that might be suited to some Lego animals perhaps.  I buy those pots from the supermarket and shove them all together in a dish of water.  They keep for an age and bring the garden inside!  A good bunch of chopped parsley is a nice addition here.
  • Finally squeeze in the juice from a very wrinkly lemon that had been lying low in the veg compartment, a good glug of olive oil and salt and pepper.  I gave it a good mix with my hands.
  • Eat!  It was scrummy.

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  1. Just the sort of thing that I like to eat - no cooking! Your butter beans look plumper than any I have ever bought...