Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Back to the '70s

My son is back from a half term in Crete.  We've had a lovely couple of evenings of chillin' that's included playing nightly Jack Straws.  I re-discovered our set amongst the clutter in the pit of doom that will be my spare room one day.   Unfortunately I've been thrashed soundly although I suspect that there was a little cheating.  I'm sure I saw that spanner move!

Lou also shared his latest find, a Stealer's Wheel oldie.  He sometimes surprises me with a musical gem.  With this as the soundtrack and the retro gaming it was almost as if we departed the hi-tech 21st century and returned to my own brand of 1970's chiildhood.


  1. Enjoyed the oldies music. Haven't heard that song in a long time!

    1. I hadn't! Was particularly chuffed that a twelve year old could have an appreciation that crosses generations.