Sunday, 8 November 2015

Books and Boats

Lou and I headed over to Dartmouth yesterday on the ferry.  I thought I'd share with him my favourite end to a working day.  After I posted about my marineering route back home when I'm working in the Kingsbridge/Salcombe area a friend told me that the Lower Ferry across the Dart is cheaper and prettier than its bigger brother up river.  I use that one all the time now and have a multi-trip card which saves oodles of cash.

We found a lovely little bookshop, The Dartmouth Bookseller, in Fosse Street that has recently opened.  Lou snapped up a signed copy of the latest Wimpy Kid,
Old School.  Now I rarely buy new books preferring the library or charity shop offerings.  However my friend, 'The Prof', had kindly given me a book token to spend at the airport before we flew out to North America.  Bah! Neither branch of Waterstones at Gatwick take this method of payment.   I'm glad now they didn't as I'm pleased that I was able to give  business to a small independent store. I chose this even though, with my current status of new home spendiness,  I see irony in that title!


  1. Lucky you. Taking the ferry home. You live in a lovely part of the country. I live in Derbyshire which is also lovely. But you have the sea. Wonder why we are so drawn to it ?

  2. Many years ago when the kids were kids, we used to occasionally visit Dartmouth from our holiday cottage near Start Point. My husband used to always visit a second hand book shop that was situated on a hill going out of the town, overlooking the river. It was in a building resembling an old chapel if I remember correctly. I wonder if it is still there.It was quite difficult to tear him away!