Thursday, 12 November 2015

Boomerang Umbrella

I've lost my beloved umbrella  twice  since I bought it a few years ago.  Luckily,  its exuberant floweriness that  brightens up a rain shower makes identification easy.  That would not be than  the case if it were of the boring old black variety.

 The first time I left it in a clinic room at one of the hospitals where I work. Six months later I found it in their lost property box.  It even had a note attached to it with an elastic band saying that the finder had recognised it as mine.   Nobody had thought of reuniting me with it so there it sat until I mislaid my keys as well and I was on the hunt for them.

Sugar Plumb brought it to the baseball game  on Sunday.  She'd had a party at her house a couple of weeks ago and since then she'd been carrying it around trying to trace its owner.  'Yes it's mine!' I exclaimed when I saw it.  I'd been wondering where it was.  Sugar Plumb expressed surprise.  'You're the last person in the world that I'd imagine would own an umbrella like that. It's way too girlie for you.'  Ha!  Just because my hair is on the boyish side and I never wear make up doesn't mean that I never conform to feminine stereotypes.  Sometimes I can do pretty big time!


  1. That's a gorgeous umbrella, I'd hate to lose it too!

  2. You've reminded me; I really must buy a new (boringly black) brolly.

    1. You could steer away from black and go nattier! I'm sure E LeClerc might have some suitable offerings.

  3. Beautiful umbrella and a great idea too to have something very noticeable it can't get "lost"