Monday, 23 November 2015

Fifty to Find

Image: The Daily Mail

My regular readers might know that I love a bit of puzzling. Daily little teasers to keep the brain ticking over. Given that I'm clumsy with dodgy sight, it's best that I'm not competitive at all in the sporting arena. In the cerebral zone it's different.  I like to trash the nuts off an opponent...if they've got any that is!  

On Saturday night I helped out at the Scout annual quiz night. Lou and I used hard sell tactics to improve on last year's raffle ticket sales.   It's got to be done.  After all there's tents to replace that got blown away in a storm at summer camp. Even though I wasn't in a team I had a go at some of the questions myself when I wasn't folding tickets or washing up.  The 'Name that Chocolate Flavour'  with various tasting samples had to be the best round.  Yum! This clever picture quiz came a close second.   Hidden in the scene are fifty film titles.  I got about forty. Not bad considering that I was multi-tasking.  I thought I'd share it as some of you might like to have a go during a coffee break.  The answers are here.


  1. Before I'd read what the picture was about, I spotted the Jamaica Inn sign and thought it amusing. I'll try to find the other 49 later

  2. I got 8 in the first couple of minutes, but then hit a blank, and no more time to spare. Might come back to it, what an excellent idea for a picture quiz.