Friday, 20 November 2015

..... For A Very Important Date!

This post was crying out for a white rabbit to illustrate it but then I came across this.  It's from a rather interesting article on the mistakes that people make when choosing a life partner.  I think that I was drawn to it because it nicely sums up my emotional state within relationships.

But this isn't  about that search for 'the one' who can climb  that metaphorical staircase with me. There's  no time for that. I'm far too busy  doing loads of free work for the NHS to stop it sinking.  I do actually give a damn you see. Sometimes it feels that I'm trying to bale out the hull  of health's mothership with a thimble. The effect has taken its toll.   Exhaustion has set in.

What I'm really writing about today is how I've banished  obsessive time keeping.  The idea for it occurred to me the other day when I had to go on a joint visit with a colleague who will remain nameless.  They refused a lift in my nippy little green number preferring to drive themself.  That journey to Kingsbridge from Totnes takes half an hour.  I know  because I've regularly followed that route for eleven years.  They left a full twenty minutes ahead of me....just in case.  'Just in case of what?!' I asked.  There was some lame ideas, the rain, tractors, blah, blah, blah! I've given up building in this wriggle time. Until of course I'm catching a plane, train or being operated upon.  Most of the time it works out.  But occasionally things go tits up and I'm a bit late. No matter.   I reckon I've saved hours!


  1. I used to be a slave to precise time keeping; this was instilled at school, where any failure was met with a sound beating. About 4 years ago I sold my very expensive Rolex watch, and have remained watch-less ever since. Our church rings the hour and half hour, and my stomach fills in the details. The only problem with being watch-less is that if I ask Lady M for the time, she shouts at me.

  2. I read a sensible piece of advice once- best to be ten minutes late in this life than fifty years too early in the next. Don't care for those who are always late though that's just bad manners.

    1. I agree! I'm not of those. It just that I don't plan now for a catastrophic event every time that I travel. x