Saturday, 7 November 2015

Hanging Around

Do you remember when your Nana displayed plates on the wall  and they were trussed up in a wire holder that wrecked the china?  Well I've decided that  I'd like  to hang my collection of ceramics without ruining them rather than keeping them on my pallet table.  I'm planning to repurpose that with the help of some foam and material as a humungous wheelie footstool.  

Back to the plates!  I bought an assorted packet of disc hangers. There's various sizes depending on what you want to hang.  The big ones can hold quite a weight.  You just dab on a bit of water, leave for about five or ten minutes to let the glue go sticky and  then apply them to whatever needs to go up on the wall. If you ever want to remove them again, apparently  they can  be just soaked off.   Once the hangers are in position there's an overnight wait to make sure the glue has dried.

Here's what I've done on the wall near my telly.   I'm a stickler for brilliant white paintwork but then I like to liven up my living space by adding lots of colourful accessories and furnishings.   I've certainly stuck to my own rules here.  There's a real hotchpotch of memories and plenty of space to hang other charity shop finds as these are discovered.    Who knows?  I might do a similar thing on other walls in the house.  There's certainly some other walls that could do with some jollying up!


  1. I love that mix of things you've got up there, looks fantastic. I didn't know about those disc hangers, must look out for some.

    1. They're readily available on the Internet. I got mine on Ebay. x

  2. I'm not sure I'd have your confidence in those hangers. I wonder if they last well.