Thursday, 5 November 2015

Hippie Stuff

For the first time in nearly five years I attended a yoga class yesterday.    It was lovely.  I must remember next week to wear something tighter though.  A large proportion of my time seemed to be spent staring down my own top whilst my head hung upside down!

On the hippy, dippy self-improvement front I also listened to a webinar the other day by a bloke called Joe Vitale.  I think that his ultimate aim was to sell me an online course.  He didn't succeed but he did whet my appetite to find out more about Ho'oponopono for free.  This is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness that is quite tricky to spell!  The original target was family members but some teachers  have extended the concept to include all humanity.   Now I might have got this completely wrong but a kind of shared karma is proposed that is created by all.   As such we have responsibility for the actions of others and consequently can obtain forgiveness for their wrongs as well as our own.  This focus away from individualism and towards a collective identity fits with ideas from Eastern cultures but is difficult for us Westerners to grasp.

I wondered if this could explain why  shockingly bad things happen to people who really don't deserve it and some 'baddies' seem to get away scot free.   'What bollocks!' I reckon some of you might be saying and of course you're perfectly entitled to think that.   I found it helpful though.  Until a better idea comes up, I'll add in into the eclectic and ever evolving mix that forms my personal philosophy on life.  So now this  Ho'oponopono  prayer has been added to my  meditation repetoire.   I use it to seek forgiveness for myself and any naughty people who don't feel the need to ask for it themselves.  I'm hoping that by using it I may be improving the lot of us all!


  1. We can all meditate to save the world, but be careful that some fanatic doesn't creep up behind you and chops your head off. Those people don't (or won't) understand the benefits. I do my fair bit of meditation regardless.

    1. I used to think that 'bad eggs' are a very small minority but I'm coming round to the idea that they may be more numerous than I imagined. I come from the perspective of being surrounded by family and friends who are good so I'm a bit sheltered from nastiness. Anyway this meditation is supposed to act on those who don't understand the benefits. I reckon it's worth a try at least!

  2. If I tried yoga these days, it would take a long time for me to get off the floor...