Sunday, 1 November 2015

Love on the List

My search for the ultimate 'To Do' list ended when I discovered Google Keep.  I can access simple Post-It note type memos from my phone, tablet or laptop and archive ones that I don't need too often.  Just the most important are displayed.

There's two that are there permanently, my task and shopping lists as I access them every day. Here's the shopping one.  It might seem a little odd to mix up the grocery shop with things for the house and home but in an age where our supermarkets sell an eclectic mix of stuff,  it works for me. I'll be popping out for that last item on the list some time today.  Louis arrives back home tomorrow and if there's no chocolate in the house he'll kill me!!

You'll see an unusual list item between 'desk lamp' and 'alarm clock'.  It was added by my son and I've kept it on because it makes me smile.  Now I know that Mr Metrosexual and Ruff Stu met in the freezer section of  Tesco.  They started their life together with what is now one of their customary little squabbles, the first about ice cream. I haven't found the 'boyfriend' section in any supermarket yet though. If only it was that easy!


  1. Why not knit your own boyfriend- pattern here

    1. That's funny but alas I can't knit. Maybe Red Mel can crochet me one! x

  2. I stick to pad and pen. People always add to my lists too; I'm always finding that Rolls Royce or Sweets suddenly appear.