Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Oh Fudge!

Those frou-frou fudge shops with their dozens of varieties seem to have sprung up everywhere these days.  At least they have in Devon. Their gorgeous goodies are really expensive though. 'Can we have some?' asked Louis the other day as he dribbled all over the window of a Dartmouth confectioner.  Oh okay I exaggerate.  He's not one of Pavlov's mutts.   'Yes' I replied. 'But you're going to make your own.  So we headed up the hill to Sainsbury's on the edge of the town to stock up on ingredients which were:

Butter - I've got lovely stuff at home with sea salt crystals in it.  Be blowed if that was going to be used for kiddie cooking rather than savoured on toast.  We bought the cheapest in the store, Sainsbury's salted a snip at 85p

Sugar - Enough to induce diabetes.  Both soft brown and icing varieties.  Don't even think that you've got plenty at home.  We didn't get much over from either packet.

Peanut Butter - From the Sainsbury's basic range.  It was 65p a pot.  Crunchy of course.  I can't fathom out why anyone would choose the smooth stuff.

We had vanilla essence and milk at home.  The total cost was probably less than a teeny bow adorned box would cost at one of those fancy places.

The recipe was easy-peasy, a doddle for a child to make,  and can be found here.   I was surprised it didn't call for a sugar thermometer and had been perfectly prepared to be buying one as a long term investment.   It needed longer in the fridge than the hour stipulated though.  I'd give it overnight if I were you.  Once the top of the fudge  was set I tipped the slab out and turned it to give both sides a protective air-dried crust.

Here's the result made with about 2lb sugar.  This is after we'd given rather a lot away and there was still masses left yesterday morning.  The pile has gone down a bit now.  No wonder.  It's delicious!


  1. I always associate Fudge with Bonfire Night. My mother used to make a very simple Fudge with raisins; it was delicious.

  2. I love fudge. I love homemade fudge. I love it best when other people have made it!!!

  3. That looks a great recipe LG- I've bookmarked it. I've had mixed results with trying to make it over the years but I made some in the slow cooker which wasn't bad.

  4. Thanks all - with our sugarcraft creativity unleashed there might be more fudgey recipes in the future! x