Sunday, 22 November 2015

Optimistic Art

Image: Nicky Stevenson Gallery
When nothing else is planned a pretty satisfactory little routine has been established for the alternate Saturdays when Louis stays here. We get up late-ish, have a leisurely breakfast of bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon and then wander down the rickety steps to Brixham town centre. It's no more than ten minutes away.

You can get pretty much everything you need here.   Yesterday the  kitchenware shop came up trumps and I'm now the proud owner of a sugar thermometer that will increase our fudge repertoire. There are proper greengrocers, butchers and bakeries,  a couple of fascinating hardware joints and a reasonably priced electrical store with helpful staff.  Local  independent shops selling the everyday items that are on my shopping list.   After an exuberant flurry of spending the other week  I found I'd   bitten off way more than I could chew.  I failed in my attempt to lug an oil filled radiator and two bulging string bags all the way back up the hill.  They has to be abandoned halfway up with Louis on guard whilst I headed off home to fetch the car!

Image: Nicky Stevenson Gallery
Because this is a tourist haunt the town has more than its fair share of shops that sell pretty things. We like those too.  They inspire us even though we can't afford to buy at the moment.  One day........

Yesterday we discovered the colourful world  of the Nicky Stevenson Gallery, a friendly and welcoming place, and both immediately fell in love with this artist's work.  I love the vibrancy of the colours she uses and the fact that the pictures seem so textural. They look like intricately embroidered applique on silky fabric.   I almost wanted to stroke them!  Lou likes the fact that they are cartoon-y. High praise indeed from a twelve year old boy.

Image: Nicky Stevenson Gallery
I've now visited Nicky's website and  can relate to some of the stories that inspire her art.  I think the one behind 'Flamingos Wait Patiently For Lunch' might be my favourite.  Nicky believes that we have a moral duty to 'remain optimistic'.  What a life affirming thought!

I'd love to be able to show you my favourite painting that Nicky revealed from under a protective pile of paper.  It's too 'hot off the press' and doesn't feature on her website yet.    Her latest work is an intricate picture of our new home town and Louis was delighted that she hadn't forgotten to include his favourite harbourside sweetie shop. This painstakingly detailed piece took eighty hours to produce and will be available to buy in the gallery. Bah! I don't think that my budget stretches to the original.  There's the exterior of the house to paint, a bathroom to refit and a shed to erect.  The limited edition prints are much more affordable and Christmas often brings a little windfall.  Maybe I can buy one of those.  It'll be just the job to grace the walls of our Brixham pad.


  1. Brixham really is a great little town isn't it? It was being there in October that confirmed for me that my next house would have to be within striking distance of a thriving community with proper shops. I went to school with the Dart boys ( electrical shop) so it's nice to know it's still a family business.
    Those art pieces are fabulous! I could imagine one of those against your white walls :)

    1. I'm very taken by my new home town. It has everything here that I need and could wish for. x