Saturday, 21 November 2015

Subconscious Sabotage

I bit the bullet and went for a different job the other day.  It's a managerial one that steered me away from the clinical work that I love.  However,  after eleven years sitting at the same desk, drowning in paperwork, of a metaphorical variety in these technological days, it's definitely time to blow some cobwebs away.   I wasn't sure that I wanted the post or the very different responsibilities to those I've got now but prepared my piece and gave it a shot.  And what do you know?  My normal chatty demeanour deserted me, I was  a visible bag of nerves and I fluffed it.  It was if my subversive inner self undermined the whole process.  'You don't want that!!!!!!'  it screamed.   It has done this before. I went for a psychological therapies post which would have found me shut in a room in a GP surgery with depressed or anxious people all day rather than driving around the beautiful South Hams.  Again I've come away relieved.

So what now?  As a sensible rational person that mixes a bit of hocus pocus with a healthy dose of scepticism I turned to my 'evidenced based' angel cards as the very doubting Mr Metrosexual calls them.   I was expecting, maybe even hoping, for  a random reading that I could dismiss out of hand.  I got this.


  1. How fascinating! I'm a great believer in fate and serendipity so I'm sure you're right - that job was not right for you. There will be something which pops up when you're not looking for it!

  2. Sometimes your body knows best, over the brain.
    You just never know when something will pop up.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. There you are then, self employment here you come!