Monday, 30 November 2015

This Week......

......I am back at work and will try to retain some of that chilled calm that I've rediscovered whilst on a week's annual leave. It occurred to me that, for a long time, I've not been restoring those old inner batteries.  It's lead to rather worrying levels of stress mounting up.  So I'm digging in my heels and going to make sure I do restorative stuff.  This is what I've planned.

  • I will bake bread and cake, make soup and cook a recipe that I've never tried before.
  • I'll visit a library and treat myself to a pile of books to peruse.
  • I will not work any more than the hours that I'm contracted  and will take lunch breaks.
  • I will take up the 'boring' needlepoint that, four years after purchase, never got finished.  Easy crafting and when it's done it will look good in my house.
  • I will watch the remaining episodes of 'The Detectorists'.  It's funny. Funny is good!
  • I will thrash Louis at Jack Straws.  Okay that's not a given as he's mighty skilled with that hookey thing but I'll give it a bloody good go.
The picture by the way is from good old Wiki.  It depicts the deities that represent the days of the week.  Perhaps they can help me in my quest for a peaceful existence over the next seven days.


  1. We love The Detectorists, have watched it twice through.

    1. I love the fact that the baby in the programme has a clothie. Louis called his muslins that as well.

  2. Hiya
    I've been following your blog for a while now with great interest and enjoyment however I will just say that if you work in the NHS good luck with not working more than your contracted hours. I have now taken early retirement from the NHS due to my mounting stress levels and have been enjoying all the lovely restorative stuff you mention along with re-initiating a few other hobbies and re-reading all my books before selling on eBay. Plus I'm hoping I will now be able to actually start my blog like you lovely ladies I've been following. Best wishes Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy - all the best with retirement. Go for the blogging. Stood firm today. Took a lunch break and only worked 7.5 hours!